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Hope During Our Darkest Times

God is so faithful. At the moment, I am at the top of my mountain. My husband and I are pregnant with our first child (due in December). We are seeing prayers answered and promises fulfilled. While I am in my season of abundance, however, that is not the reason I can say that God is faithful. He was faithful even when we miscarried two years ago. He was faithful when I experienced a low depression last year. His character and goodness don't change just because my circumstances didn't match my expectations. God has never made false promises. He never said we'd never be hurt in this life.
      During my hard times, God was my strength. I was crawling most days, but He was the reason I kept going. It was His presence with me that gave me encouragement and hope. It didn't take away the pain, but it did allow me to focus on what I have as opposed to the things I didn't during that season of my life.
      In Psalm 23, David shows this same truth beautifully. It is a sh…

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